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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 13, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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was a minor. >> i'm sure the reasons for he doing what i'm doing are readily apparent to the defense. we're here to file conduct that we believe we can prove beyond a reasonable doubt to hold the defendant accountable for everything that he's done. >> torres was arrested on may 21st in connection with the disappearance of 15-year-old sierra lamar. she was last seen on march 16th. her body has still not been found despite dozens of searches by hundreds of volunteers. torres next court date comes december 10th and that's when it's likely he will be arraigned on those new charges. raj, jess. >> thank you very much, tony. well, the csu board of trustees delayed a vote on a fee hike after the governor made a surprise appearance at the meeting. for the first time since his election governor brown took a seat at the meeting urging members not to move forward with the hike. the board wants to impose higher
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fees to urge students with enough credits to graduate and make room for new freshman. brown says voters approved prop 30, now is not the new time to ask for money. >> that's why i said delay it and let me think about it. now, there are issues. can students just take courses over and over again. can they hang around seven or eight years? well, that has cost to it and we'll have to find a way to curb it. >> the governor plans to attend the regent meeting in san francisco tomorrow but late today the regents announced it was delaying fee hikes as well. cap in trade, three words that tonight are a political hot potato. the new pollution rules going in effect tomorrow are creating a lot of confusion for bay area businesses. jodi hernandez separates fact from promise. >> reporter: the folks at the california resources board are gearing up for what they call a historic day as they prepare to auction off pollution permits to the state's largest greenhouse
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gas emitters. >> they include everything from cement to glass to oil refining to food processing. >> reporter: under the landmark cap and trade system, more than 300 california companies will be required to cap emissions or buy so-called carbon credits at auction. it's the centerpiece of a state lot aimed at reducing greenhouse gases to 1990s levels by 2020. >> the goal of this is to cut the kind of emissions that can cause global warming. and what that means is that greenhouse gases are what we're after. >> reporter: but some worry the new requirements will hit companies hard. some speculate it could mean higher prices for consumers. pg&e says it supports the move but isn't sure how it may impact rates. >> i think all eyes are on california to see the outcome of this. that's why we want this program to be successful. pg&e has been at the table in this process to ensure that this
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program is successful and that we can again manage those costs for our customers. >> reporter: the california chamber of commerce in sacramento filed this lawsuit today trying to stop tomorrow's auction, claiming the air resources board does not have the authority to sell the emissions allowances to the highest bird. but the board says the auction is on. and, they say, ultimately that will mean a cleaner and greener future for everyone. in sacramento, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. from sacramento now here to the peninsula and the mess. our nbc chopper above the scene in daly city. here's a look at the map to show you where this all happened. a mud slide caused by a water main break which dumped about 45,000 gallons of water into this neighborhood. it turned into a muddy mess. the question now, what about the other aging pipes along the peninsula. let's bring in kris sanchez who joins us in daly city.
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good evening, kris. >> reporter: hi there, raj. it was about this dark this morning when the mud started flowing down this street in this daly city neighborhood so residents really didn't know what they were going to see once the sun rose, but what a sight it was, they woke up after an 8-inch city water main break broke sending a torrent of 40,000 plus gallons of water down the hillside. it picked up mud, it picked up debris and it picked up steam along the way. residents said it sounded like a storm but when they looked out the window, it was too dark to know what it was. then came the knocks at doors, warning people to get out. >> i saw the police out here and about 5:00 they were here and i could see the water coming down and the police said you guys better evacuate. the water is coming down fast. >> now, that resident evacuated, but he and the others have been
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able to return home tonight. this isn't the first time this has happened here. the resident says he bought his home in 1980 right next to that area where the pipeline broke and two years later there was a water main break. that time it was just water. so now a lot of folks asking questions about that aging infrastructure. what we can say tonight is that that water main is capped and that engineers have looked at the hillside and there is no danger of a repeat. however, it is supposed to rain this weekend so we're wondering what's going to happen then and what's going to happen down the road with the aging infrastructure. again, none of the mud made its way into the homes here so no home damages here. however, there are lots of cars that maybe could not start or maybe won't start ever. if folks have a claim against the city, they can file a claim with the daly city city clerk. kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. a san francisco man accused of a violent sexual assault on
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many women was found guilty. he now faces life in prison. fed ri frederick dozier was convicted. police say dozier grabbed his victims from behind, dragged them to secluded areas. dozier was arrested after police matched his dna to evidence from one of the crime scenes, including this video surveillance. >> this is someone that does not belong in the street. this is someone that does not belong in our community. frankly he is an animal. >> the only count the jury did not convict dozier of was attempted murder. he'll be sentenced december 14th. she describes it as a terrifying ordeal. a 57-year-old woman kidnapped from work, tied up, blind folded and forced to withdraw money from east bay atms. tonight we're getting our first look at one of her alleged kidnappers. police just released surveillance photos of a man
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they say goes by the name of aubrey. he and a second man going by the name of david are accused of kidnapping and carjacking last wednesday. after trying to get money from atms, ultimately the man was driven to an isolated area in the oakland hills where she was let go. investigators believe it was a random attack. >> we do want to point out however, though, that the suspects did appear to have some amounting of premeditation to this crime and i based that off of the amount of planning that they went through to bind and gag the suspect, to tie her up, and also some of the methods that they used to try to get rid of evidence. >> here's the picture. if you recognize this man, police in walnut creek want to hear from you. in fairfield police are searching for three men responsible for an armed robbery at a jewelry store. this is the surveillance video of the robbery. the suspects entered the store just after it opened and held two employees at gunpoint while
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grabbing the jewelry. neither of the employees were injured. officers say the suspects may have been driving a maroon-colored panel van seen in the parking lot just moments before the robbery. they are accusing officers of concealing a crime. tonight two occupy oakland protesters are suing the city and b.a.r.t. after they say they were hit by a car. they were marching through a downtown intersection in november of last year. they stopped in front of a car and started banging on the hood. the driver tried to go around the protesters, but instead ended up hitting them. attorneys for those protesters have filed the federal civil rights lawsuit claiming their rights were violated because neither police department pursued a criminal case against the driver. the port of oakland's executive director is stepping down. omar benjamin submitting his letter of resignation yesterday. benjamin was in hot water after receipts revealed he was part of a group that spent $4500 at a texas strip club while entertaining chshipping
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executives. benjamin and james qwan are being investigated. his departure is effective immediately. >> still ahead here at 6:00, it's a dangerous virus hitting babies early this flu season. >> reporter: i'm scott budman with a new fuel made here in the bay area that algae to help clean the environment. coming up, why it soon may be the way you fill up. plus the news that will have dungeoness crab lovers feeling a little crabby. >> reporter: and i'm jeff ranieri live in san jose where brandon high is getting into the spirit, the giving spirit tonight. >> let's stop hunger. let's stop hunger! let's stop hunger!
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good news, bad news for lovers of bay area dung juness crab. the good news, there will be crab by the end of the week. the bad news, fans may have to fork over a bit more money for it. >> if you're a dungeoness crab lover, then this is exactly the scene you want to see two days before the start of the commercial season. winches loading boats with crab pots. fork lifts racing about, and yesterday's fish becoming tomorrow's bait. >> everybody is just doing their final preparations, moving drops and trying to get organized for tomorrow. >> reporter: things around fishermen's wharf didn't look like this last year at this time. a price dispute between fishermen and processors kept the boats at the docks and thanksgiving without local crab. >> the impact was no business. they held out until after thanksgiving so they lost all of thanksgiving. >> reporter: so there was a sigh of relief yesterday when
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fishermen and processors agreed on a price that would send crabbers to work in time for thursday's season opener. >> we're getting the boats loaded up today. everybody is making bait in the shed. tomorrow morning we flash the gear and start pulling crabs on thursday. >> reporter: there is one detail that may leave consumers feeling a bit crabby. the two sides agreed on a wholesale price of $3 a pound. that's 75 cents higher than last year. >> god willing, we should be able to fill all those crab orders for thanksgiving. it just will not be a cheap price this year. so everyone needs to, you know, expect a higher price. >> everything else in the world goes up and finally the price of crabs went up. it takes a lot to run a boat and crews. hopefully we'll catch a lot of crabs. >> reporter: fishermen say early indications show there may be fewer crabs to catch than previous years. regardless, on wednesday they'll set their traps with the first crab expected to hit the docks on thursday, setting another
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scene every crab lover will want to see. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. if you're on the move for thanksgiving next week you're not alone. more people will be travg this holiday season. 44 million people will be hitting the road about 90% more. gas prices are coming down since september and for those flying, ticket prices on airlines are also coming down but so are the number of passengers. still more than three million people are expected to fly. well, the snow has come early so the slopes will open early. lake tahoe ski resorts are ready for business. the latest storms along with extensive snow making is allowing for an early season. that makes a lot of people happy. this is heavenly valley in south shore. heavenly opens tomorrow and so does its sister resort, northstar. kirkwood and squaw valley open on friday and next week mt. rose
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and sierra at tahoe. a retired marine corps major is now in charge of california state parks. that announcement by the governor today. major general anthony jackson has worked with state and federal officials on renewable energy, state parks and fire suppression. he will take over after state investigators found park administrators had hidden more than $50 million. jackson will earn just more than $150,000 annually as the park's director. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. yesterday at the safeway across from at&t park. today at the safeway in san jose. >> and a cheer squad. >> we've got a lot going on back behind me. you can hear them doing their cheer. it's all about stopping hunger here tonight and for the next couple of weeks here. as we partner up with safeway and our annual holiday food drive. you can come out to your local safeway store. you can see our lovely maulings
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are holding these bags that are how much, you guys? >> $10! >> that's it, $10. that can go a long way to help out your neighbors in need. this school, brandon high, is one of the strongest schools when it comes to help supporting the bay area. i want to bring in mr. solburg and you were one of the most popular teachers at brandon high. >> don't believe them. >> it seems like you're quite a bit of help out at that school. this school is getting involved like no other school in the south bay. >> our goal is to be active community givers. there's a need in the community and a need at the high school so as a result we want to give back. we want to participate but we want our students to be made aware of that and understand the perspective and experiences that people in society are going through. >> i think it's really important, some people at home they know when the holidays come around there's not even a meal to put on the table and these students seem so dedicated, so much more so than i ever felt when i was in high school and that seems to be what you're finding. and they're going to help out this weekend?
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>> yes. they have already had a food drive that cull mip aminated wi giving food. last year we were number one so we want to bring it home and be the number one store here, right? [ cheering ] >> let me just ask one of the students down here. what's your name again? >> karen appear sglle. >> why is this important to you? >> well, we all just need to know everyone is going through hard times. we all just have to help out and come together as a community. >> thank you so much. thank you for coming out. let's take a look at our weather graphics. we have another special message coming up in a minute or so. we've got cold temperatures the next 48 hours. you guys were so loudy, now that we're loud on tv, you're getting a little quiet here back behind me. it's okay, you can breathe. you can see over the next 48 hours we have high pressure building in from the south but
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that will start to push away. you may want to bring that umbrella as we head throughout saturday. we have that area of low pressure building offshore. i'm sure you'll learn about that in science class or you already have. with 60s and 70s for the interior valley, you'll have lots of sunshine for tomorrow. tomorrow will be an awesome day. and then that rain is going to come back here eventually. so we are looking at low to mid-70s right here in the south bay. for all the high schools down here in san jose, with sunny skies on your wednesday, you can also go to for more information on how you can help this effort here throughout the holidays. on that seven-day forecast we have sunny and warmer weather for tomorrow and then we get rain coming back as we head throughout friday, saturday, sunday and monday but that rain will not damper our parade throughout the weekend for this holiday food drive. raj and jessica, they are diehard fans of you guys. they have a little message here.
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>> we love you raj and jessica! >> oh, my goodness, that is so good. >> and we love branham high school as well. >> they love you guys too. let's end on that cheer on the way out. >> let's stop hunger! >> very nice. well done, guys. thank you so much. well, the new paragon opening drew thousands and broke some records. the mall attracted 350,000 shoppers between thursday and sunday. yours truly included. mall officials even had to open two additional parking lots to accommodate all the visitors. several shops broke opening day sale records. workers at raley's and nob hill grocery stores did reach an agreement with management today. details won't be announced until it's voted on by the whole union which could happen soon. health care benefits were at the
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center of the fight. there were 40 stores in the bay area affected by the strike. still ahead here at 6:00, a special delivery. a baby boy is reunited with some local police officers after a heroic act. plus is a one-time silicon valley giant ready to cash in its chips? we have business and tech headlines coming up. and a surprising new development after sexual assault allegations involving the voice of elmo. we're back in a moment.
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you may not want to play poker with nancy pelosi. the san francisco congressman is holding her cards close, not revealing whether she wants to remain the minority leader in the house. >> let's see, what time is it now? it's 2:00 on tuesday. i'll see you right here 10:00 tomorrow morning. while i love you all very dearly, i thought maybe i would talk to my own caucus before i
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shared that information with you. >> pelosi, as you know, won re-election in a landslide last tuesday. whether she will stay in her post has been a much-discussed topic on capitol hill since then. democrats made gains in the house but failed to seize control of the chamber. so the election is over, so when will we feel the impact of the vote? on the state level democrats have a full two-thirds majority of both houses in the california legislature. >> for more on the power shift we bring in our nbc bay area political analyst larry gerston. larry, what mean kg we read into this and what changes can we see? >> a lot more than people right think. for years democrats have held large majorities in the legislature, but under the changes brought about by proposition 13 in 1978, yes, the same one we always talk about, some of the most important actions require a full two-thirds vote. that's something the democrats never quite reached until now. >> some tangible examples, then. what can we see? >> overturning a governor's veto, which by the way was last done in 1979 when a
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democratically controlled legislature overturned a veto by the same guy, jerry brown. it also means for the past 41 years every detail by every governor has stuck. with a two-thirds vote, the legislature can also place proposed constitutional amendments on the ballot. that's important if the legislature wants to redesign relationships such as the one between state and local governments. finally, with a two-thirds vote, the legislature can do something a lot of people think it should be doing all along, pass new taxes. considered imperative by those people who believe that california suffers a revenue short fall every year. >> what kind of impact can this have on the governor and can it weaken his power? >> probably not. for one thing the governor said he will approve new taxes only by the vote of the people. something he secure with the passage of proposition 30 last week. it hardly means they will vote
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as a solid block. remember we're talking about democrats. the party is known for deep divisions between rural and urban areas, the north versus the south, the coast versus the central valley and inland empire. finally one other thing, let's remember that elections occur every two years. democrats shouldn't get too cocky. it's something like snow falling in the bay area, it rarely happens. and when it does, it melts pretty fast. >> did you get any sleep after last week's election? >> finally, yes. >> it's been a very active six months. thank you, larry. shipping giant u.p.s. has announced it will no longer give grants to the boy scouts of america because of the organization's exclusion of gays and lesbians. it comes after an online petition protesting the grants to the boy scouts. that online petition gathered about 80,000 signatures. u.p.s. will not give grants to any organization which discriminates against anyone based on sexual orientation,
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race, religion or disability. for reference stand points now, the shipping service gave $150,000 to the boy scouts in 2010. still ahead here at 6:00, powered by algae, a historic offering at gas pumps in the bay area. plus -- >> i'm janelle wang. the david petraeus scandal taking another soap opera-like turn. more controversial e-mails involving another top general. on the run and fearing for his life. the latest hunt for retired tech tycoon wanted for murder. that's next.
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nbc bay area investigate i've unit has confirmed that the santa clara county district attorney has added three charges
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against garcia-torres. those charges are not related to the killing of sierra lamar. >> here's the information. the new charges include three counts of attempted kidnapping in the commission of a carjacking. according to the d.a., they involve three separate victims. all three of the incidents happened in march of 2009. all three will be filed as adult charges, even though at the time of the alleged attacks, torres was a minor. >> torres, as you may remember, was arrested may 21st in connection with the disappearance of the 15-year-old. sierra lamar was last seen on march 16th. her body still has yet to be found despite dozens of searches by hundreds of volunteers. torres' next court date comes december 10th. that's when he'll likely be arraigned on the new charges as well. an unusual break-in is under investigation in oakland where burglars stole historic artifacts from the oakland museum of california. police say someone broke a door to get inside the museum and clearly had planned out which items to take.
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the chronicle is reporting a guard actually saw the burglar in the act on a security camera and notified police. the thief, apparently a history buff, taking items bypassing art and nature exhibits. items made of gold are also missing. investigators spent much of the day reviewing the video, the surveillance system to figure out who is responsible. yesterday a bay area electric car company won the motor trend car of the year award. today another local company has a ref luvolutionary way to fuel your cars. >> business and tech reporter scott budman is here to tell us more about it. >> i guess it's a bad pun to say we're on a roll but it's true. most drivers will be fueling for for a while so a kisilicon vall company is using algae to turn it into a cleaner fuel.
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there is such a thing as an historic fill-up. this could be it. fuel made from algae turned into biodiesel. a lot cleaner than what's currently in your car. >> 30% reduction in total particulate matter that's emitted from the fuel when it's burned. 20% reduction in carbon monoxide emissions and 10% reduction in total hydro carbons. overall in terms of sustainability, big win for the consumer. >> it's made by silicon valley based solyzime. their future goal, help make the world a cleaner place. >> we recognize the transition to alternative fuels will take a long time in this country. it's not going to happen overnight. we want to meet consumers where they are today. we want to take the vehicles they have got and provide the best possible fuel choices they can use today. >> reporter: it's a partnership drawing a lot of attention that could eventually lead to a new
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silicon valley leadership category. cleaner burning fuels to power your car along with other vehicles. >> we've had our fuel go into literally destroyers, helicopters, planes. we've worked with other corporate partners including volkswagen but this is the first time the fuel is available at retail. >> and like anything silicon valley takes the lead in, the companies here are talking job growth as well. >> we continue to hire great talent for this business. so yes, we are growing very quickly. >> reporter: growing quickly, fueled by hopes of a cleaner future. >> all right. this is what the cleaner diesel fuel looks like. it's priced the same as regular diesel and has similar performance. it can be bought at gas stations in redwood city as well as oakland, berkeley and san jose. quickly to some other news moving the markets tonight and into tomorrow morning. advanced microdevices may soon be for sale. they have hired jpmorgan chase to, quote, explore future options, unquote.
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that moving shares higher. shares of cisco systems popping tonight. they reported an 18% jump in earnings, beating wall street expectations. cisco stock up 7% tonight in after-hour trading. the company also saying a couple of other things that pleased investors. one, it's paying a 14 cents a share cash dividend and, two, it has $45 billion of cash in the bank that will protect it in case our economy goes south. jessica. >> okay, thank you, scott. as congress returned to work today in washington, some democrats were pushing an unorthodox idea for coping with that so-called fiscal cliff. they're proposing letting the steep tax hikes and spending cuts take effect in the new year, which would force republicans to bargain. the white house says it wants a deal without going over the fiscal cliff. lawmakers have about seven weeks to reach a budget deal that will avoid that scenario. some fear the economic uncertainty could ignite turmoil in the financial markets or cause businesses to delay hiring and spend less.
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all this week the president is meeting with lawmakers and leaders in labor and business getting their input on the situation. it seems to be changing by the hour. another twist in this widening scandal. two women and now two generals are under investigation in the david petraeus saga. janelle wang breaks down this complicated case in our world tonight. >> reporter: raj, the florida socialite at the center of the scandal apparently exchanged flirtatious e-mails with another four-star general. the fbi is reviewing thousands of documents between jill kelley and general john allen. under military law adultery is a crime but allen's spokesperson insists there was no affair. kelley is the woman who complained to the fbi after receiving harassing anonymous e-mails. agents found those e-mails were sent by paula broadwell, who was having an affair with general david petraeus and apparently was jealous of petraeus' friendship with kelley. the discovery of the affair prompted petraeus to resign as cia chief last friday.
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as for general allen, he continues to have the support of the president. >> i can tell you that the president thinks very highly of general allen and his service to his country as well as the job he has done in afghanistan. >> general allen was supposed to be appointed to nato commander this thursday but that confirmation hearing has been delayed. meanwhile petraeus is not out of the picture yet, even though he has resigned. senator dianne feinstein says she plans to ask him to testify when the senate intelligence committee holds a hearing this week into the september benghazi attack that killed four american diplomats. on the run and in hiding. anti-virus software mowing al john mcafee says he's innocent and on the move every four hours because he fears for his life. police in belize say he's a person of interest in the murder of his neighbor, gregory fall. mcafee says he's being framed because the belizean government has a vendetta against him,
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consistently harassing him since he moved there in 2008 to retire. in the middle east workers began to exum the body of yasser arafat. they set up a huge tarp as they remove the too many. the 75-year-old died at a paris hospital in 2004 from what was believed to be a blood disorder and brain hemorrhage, but this past summer a documentary suggested he was murdered. scientists confirm they found a rare radioactive substance on arafat's personal belongings, including his toothbrush and his head scarf. french authorities then opened a murder inquiry and will be sending forensic experts to the tomb this month. more fighting today along the syria border with turkey. the two countries share a border over 500 miles long and much of the recent fighting has taken place right there. activists say the death toll is now 38,000 since the uprising began 19 months ago. and today france became the first european power to officially recognize syria's
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opposition coalition and said it will consider arming the rebels. raj. >> thank you, janelle. exoneration for the sesame street puppeteer accused of having inappropriate relations with a teenager. in a surprising turn-archd today, the man who accused kevin clash of having sex with him when he was 16 years old now says it isn't so. the unidentified man admits the relationship was consensual and that he was of legal age. clash responded he's relieved and said this painful allegation has been put to rest. no word tonight on when clash will return to the show. well, you can now add target and toys r us to the list of stores opening early for black friday. they're actually opening thanksgiving night. so very early. some target employees aren't too thankful for that. they're protesting that they have to work on thanksgiving for what is supposed to be a friday event. an online petition is asking target not to open thanksgiving. it already has some 200,000 signatures. this year many stores decided to
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open even earlier for black friday to try to generate more sales. target will open thanksgiving night at 9:00 p.m. still ahead here at 6:00, you might say it's a night they won't soon forget. the special delivery involving oakland police officers. i'm marianne favro. doctors say they're seeing a respiratory virus hit earlier than expected. coming up, find out who's most at risk and why this may give us an indication when another major virus will hit. and good evening, i'm jeff ranieri live at safeway in san jose. we're all about our annual holiday food drive and branham high is all about a new kind of beat tonight and it has something to do with this. >> we've got the beat, that mighty campaign beat. help us out and donate. help us out. we've got the beat, that mighty giving beat. it goes help us out and donate, help us out. we've got the beat --
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never a dull day for oakland police. today three officers reunited with the baby boy they helped deliver last week. officers formerly met 4-day-old nolan miller. his name pays tribute to the neighborhood where he was born and his middle name, shell, is a tribute to exactly where he was born, at a shell nation. nolan's dad waved down the officers at that gas station when mom went into labor a little earlier than expected on the way to the hospital. >> it doesn't usually happen like that for a lot of moms, mostly moms get the opportunity to go to the hospital and have their baby in the comfort of a nice bed. but on that day when she told us
6:42 pm
that she was having a baby, she was not lying. she was having a baby right now. >> if it wasn't for these three officers in the place, no matter what they was doing, these three guys is always going to be a blessing to me, no matter what happens. you know, you guys single handedly like i said saved my son's life. >> it's our pleasure. >> what a great story. nolan shell miller already an honorary police officer for oakland police. he weighed in at 7 pounds 14 ounces and has the entire police force to thank when he grows up. >> cute little guy, isn't he? let's check in with henry wofford over in the comcast sportsnet newsroom. >> yes, jessica and raj, a's looking for some more, how about national recognition? some baseball analysts predict the a's would finish dead last in their division, but the green and gold manager refused to let that happen. bob melvin and the a's won the american league west championship, but did the
6:43 pm
skipper win the manager of the year award handed out at that? we'll have your answer. it's coming up in sports.
6:44 pm
doctors in the bay area are sending more babies to the hospital with the respiratory virus called rsv. >> the virus is hitting earlier
6:45 pm
than expected. marianne favro joins us with a look at rsv and the flu. it usually doesn't peak between december and january. >> you're right. that's why doctors are alarmed. they say it's important to watch for a spike in rsv because typically when we see the virus start to hit our area, we can expect to see flu season start just a few weeks later. pediatricians throughout the bay area are sending more babies here to the hospital to help them fight rsv. the virus hits premature babies the hardest, making it hard for them to breathe. >> this causes small infants to wheeze and have a lot of respiratory distress because their airways are so much smaller. when they get inflammation in there, they have a harder time clearing the virus and end up at a much higher rate of hospitalizations than the bigger kids. >> reporter: rsv can be deadly in patients with congenital heart and lung problems.
6:46 pm
pediatrician dr. christine haliburka said her practice admitted two infants to the hospital for rsv. what's alarming is the virus appears to be hitting us early. >> for the first time in a long time we're seeing outbreaks in our community in late october and early november. normally we see this coming up in december or january, february. >> reporter: the santa clara county public health department confirms labs are showing positive tests for rsv. as these numbers indicate, doctors at kaiser per then day have seen a steady increase from early october to now. there is a way to protect your baby. when megan was born prematurely at 31 weeks, she weighed less than four pounds. she received a special shot to help prevent rsv. however, those shots can be costly. more than $500 for just one, and not all insurance providers cover the expense. children under six months are most at risk. doctors say you can also protect your child by washing your hands
6:47 pm
thoroughly and minimizing your baby's exposure to other people. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. so we have our food drive kicking off in the bay area along with safeway. it's not just really one of these straightforward food drives. a lot of school spirit involved in these school drives. >> yes, because we are ending hunger this way. jeff ranieri joins us from south san jose, the safeway there, and he has a whole cheer squad with him. >> oh, yes. branham high is just so excited about this annual nbc bay area holiday food drive. forgive, i didn't really hear too much of what you had to say but i know it was all about this annual food drive that we have kicking off. branham high has been so awesome helping to get involved. we know 600,000 people will need some assistance in the bay area this holiday season. it's all about picking up one of these bags right here for $10. you know, heading to the checkout, getting that scanned appear you're good to go. what's your name? >> alyssa.
6:48 pm
>> awesome job on that bag. >> thanks. >> very, very good. okay, let's come on over here right now. we also know that it's not just the adults at branham high getting involved, of course it's the students. with us right now is leo. you're with the key club and it's all about being involved in the key club and you guys are certainly doing that. >> yeah, the key club is all about community service. we want to promote serving the community in any way that we can, so we want as many people out here on saturday purchasing bags to help those in need this holiday sgleeeason. >> and we know you set records last year. do you think you can do it again? >> we hope so. we want to do it again. >> thanks for coming on out, you guys. we also have brian. you've got a little message from branham high, right? >> so i'm brian and i represent the leadership class. and here at branham, we don't think there's anything cooler than just coming out and helping are community, so basically we'll be out here on saturday. we have these bags for only $10 with just the basic essentials of what you'll need for a good
6:49 pm
thanksgiving. so come out and get one. >> thank you so much, brian. real quickly, bazil, you have a short message for those guys at home. >> i'm here for the black student union. you can bet we'll all be here on saturday and we hope to see you there too. >> that was awesome! he really sold that one. all right, let's go ahead and look at those weather maps as we head throughout the next 48 to 72 hours. you guys are incredible. if i could take you to all my weather live shots. we've got to get those weather temperatures for those folks at home so we'll keep it to a quiet simmer for just a minute. mid-50s right now across the bay area. pretty cold up in the north bay where we do expect some 40s. high pressure will be heading to the south. here comes some rain fall. i don't know how you feel about that. not so happy but you know the plants will enjoy it. 60s and 70s in the east and the south bay. a lot of sunshine for wednesday. it's going to be real fantastic then as we head throughout
6:50 pm
thursday. the cloud cover starts to increase and then gradually temperatures are going to start to drop. 40 in santa rosa, 46 in san rafael, 41 in concord, 44 in san jose. branham high tonight, well, it's going to get down to 43 degrees. los gatos 45. and for tomorrow pretty warm day. above average temperatures could see a few records with mid to upper 70s for the interior valleys. low 70s by the bay. 69 in san francisco. you can help by going to and find out more information not only about these bags you can purchase at safeway for ten bucks, but also on how you can help us volunteer throughout the entire year. your seven-day forecast has rain returning for friday, a decent chance of rain. we may pick up a quarter to a half inch. saturday a chance for showers and a chance on sunday and even a few showers lingering on monday. so one more time since i've got the power of the crowd behind me, how much are those bags, you guys? >> $10!
6:51 pm
>> where do we go to get them? >> safeway! >> and when are all of you going to be out here at safeway in san jose? >> saturday! >> all right. give yourself a round of applause. >> i'd shop wherever they are. >> they're awesome. >> jeff ranieri, the ring leader out there. >> you've got some competition out there, so be careful. >> i know. he's good. >> let's get to sports now. henry, you don't have a cheer squad behind you. what's going on. >> i don't, but i was crying. you know that one student said the black student union, that brought back memories. that was the only group that accepted me back in high school. everyone else kicked me out. you know, they were stuck with me, that's why. and i had to keep my mouth closed during black student union meetings as well.
6:52 pm
but you probably can understand why. anyway, let's talk about some sports for a second. the green and gold don't have an average manager anymore, they have the best in the league. bob melvin voted the american league manager of the year today. he has been doing it all lately. he led the a's to 94 wins and the team's first division title since 2006. he's now a two-time winner of this award. he was named the nl manager of the year in 2007 when he worked with the d-backs. it was close this year. melvin received eight more points than orioles manager buck showalt showalter. >> well, you know, it ended so suddenly and it was such a disappointment because we really thought we were going to win and going to the next series. so, you know, it was kind of a shock to our system that we didn't win and the season was over and ended so suddenly. you go back and you're kind of struggling with the fact that emotionally you felt like you should go a little bit farther. and then probably after a week
6:53 pm
you start to reflect about where you were as an organization when the year started and what we accomplished in doing what we did this season and getting to the point we did and you start to feel pretty good about some of the strides and some of the things that we did to get there. >> congrats to bob melvin. by the way, davie johnson was named the national league manager of the year beating out dusty baker and bruce bochy. remember, the votes are turned in before the postseason so johnson led the nationals to the playoffs for the first time since the franchise moved to washington, d.c. what about the giants, they are reportedly close to a three-year, $18 million deal to keep jeremy affeldt in san francisco. he tossed ten and a third scoreless innings during the giants magical run this year to the world series. by the way marlins shortstop jose reyes is headed to toronto along with pitchers josh johnson
6:54 pm
and mark burly in the latest fire sale by the miami marlins and have moved all the players they signed to big contracts. niners and bears, they clash monday night and pro football talk is reporting that alex smith is seeking a second opinion on his concussion as he attempts to be cleared to play. on the other side, bears quarterback jay cutler is doubtful to play after suffering a concussion sunday. that would mean former raiders quarterback jason campbell would get the start for chicago. all eyes in college football, well, they will be on eugene, oregon, saturday night. stanford will try to hand the second-ranked ducks their first loss of the season and keep their own rose bowl hopes alive. but you know the cardinal playing out there in oregon, they realize it's never easy for an opponent. it's going to be one heck of a game. >> i remember the last time i was there i couldn't feel my
6:55 pm
heartbe heartbeat. i felt like i had three or four heartbeats because it was just shaking and -- but it's fun. i mean that's where college should be -- college football should be played in atmosphere like that. >> it's unbelievable, especially for me. we haven't beaten them since 2009. it's the only team we've beaten once in my five years at stanford. so being able to get another win and keeping our goals alive would be an unbelievable experience. >> well, we wish them the best. should be a very good game. back to you, raj and jessica. see you later tonight. >> for a full half hour of sports coverage watch sportsnet ken tral tonight at 10:30. >> we'll be right back.
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tonight at 11:00, moraga school board meets for the first time since a sex abuse scandal forced its board president to resign. we are at that meeting tonight and will let you know what happens and any updates tonight after an all new "parent hood." >> we will see you tonight at 11:00. hope you join us.
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